Book an Appointment

Before booking an appointment, please be considerate of both your schedule and Kristen’s. She is a full time student and can be flexible most of the time, but time slots vary. There will be a new pricing change that will take effect January 1, 2018. This will only affect bookings after January 1, 2018. Example: Jane Doe books a session on December 25, 2018 for a photoshoot on January 2, 2018; she will not be affected.

Details of each session

Regular Session (1 hour): $65 with up to 3 props and 1 location

Full Single Session (3 hours): $85 with up to 3 props and 2 locations

*Customer Favorite* Duo Package (1 regular session, 1 full single session): $100 with up to 3 props and 3 locations)

Full Package (2 regular sessions, 1 full single session): $200 with up to 3 props and 6 locations

Personalized session/package: create your own session or package, catered to your needs

Special Events (list down below includes but not limited to): $25 per hour

  • Weddings
  • School dances (base price + $5 per person)
  • Other please mention in “Personalized session/package”


Each additional regular session: $25

Each additional full single session: $35

Each additional prop: $10

Each additional location: $5 in the Moore-Norman area & $10 in OKC

Personalized invitations (graduation, wedding, shower, etc.): $30

Payment policy: Payment can be done in an installment plan discussed with Kristen. Payment must be paid in full by the end of the first session.