Welcome to my website!

As you can see my name is Kristen Nguyen, and I am a photographer based out of Norman, Oklahoma. I love the color pink, volunteering in my community, and Sooner Football! Most of all I enjoy spending my time to capture moments in time, especially the smiles of happy seniors!

20171103-DSC_0042.jpgI started taking an interest in photography my freshmen year of high school when I was challenged with a concentration assignment that would string throughout one semester. Almost immediately, I went home to my dad (who also found an appreciation for art) and told him I wanted to borrow my grandpa’s camera. Our family had actually been wanting to invest in a nicer camera for a long time, so my dad ended up purchasing a Canon Rebel T5 for the household! I was very slow picking it up, and I am still learning¬†how to use¬†manual (indoors at least). My parents have frequently asked me to take pictures of them for various events, and I began getting requests from friends to take pictures for them as well.

Then, I began getting interested in editing photos in class, when my pictures became too bland or the light was just a little off. I started “Googling” tricks for the best lighting, or the best style of edit for a photo. My Pinterest began filling up with different photos for various people and things to take pictures of. I honestly didn’t know how I got so invested in photography, but I am glad I did.

The whole idea of continuing my love of taking pictures came from the enjoying the smile on other’s faces. I enjoy seeing so many people happy. Every image I produce comes from my heart and my passion for this little hobby of mine. I just want to make people happy.

It began as just a favor, but I’ve fallen in love with the art of photography.